This year's DECODE competition is now open for entries! Young talents can enter in the categories of applied arts and architecture. Choose your favourite project and tell us the story behind the concept! Thanks to the supporters and the popularity of the event the renumeration of the award is 1,200,000 HUF in total. Submission deadline is 22nd October.




The task of competitors is to present an own work that is built on the concept of a philosophical idea. How is a creation born? There is a given task or topic, in the case of architecture the location which is accompanied by an idea or inspiration that will build up a story. This story building up the concept will appear throughout the creative process the end result of which is a strong, unique artifact.

Our task is to draw attention to the philosophical background of art and introduce that in a widely comprehensible way. Therefore, the main element of the competition project is not presenting an artifact, building or plan but presenting the concept itself, story behind the creation of these.

Applicants can enter in 2 categories: architecture or applied arts.

The esteemed professional jury will select the DECODE Award winner in each category and will also recognize promising projects. The Foundation decided to keep the Spotlight award going as well, recognizing an entry with special focus on social responsibility.

Earlier this year the Foundation organized a trophy design competition, so for the first time, the winners of the DECODE Award will also be recipients of a one-of-a-kind work of art, created by the winner of the trophy design competition Fruzsina Zalavári.

Last year’s virtual exhibition is still available on our website, and you can always watch all shortlisted entries on our YouTube channel.

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