In order to highlight the importance of the creative process DECODE Prize is awarded to those valuable artifacts and architectural projects that are inspired by exciting stories, ideas and thoughts. It aims to bring attention to the works of contemporary artists and architects and initiate a connection between creator and observer.

DECODE competition and exhibition was established in 2018 by BORD Architectural Studio.  The Prize has been awarded every autumn ever since organised by DECODE Foundation for Contemporary Architecture and Art.

DECODE winners are selected in a competition process that is designed for young creators aged 18-35 in the categories of either “Architecture” or “ Visual and applied arts”. Competition participants should introduce an own project from the very beginnings of their inspirations to the final manifestation focusing on the concept. This is expected to be presented in a media file that is not longer than 3 minutes.

The winners are selected by a professional jury that includes some of the most prestigious members of architecture and art society. Each category has 1 “Main Prize” and 2 “Promising Project” prizes all of which are handed out on the official opening ceremony of DECODE Exhibition. Apart from the winner projects two special invite projects are also on display – these are selected by the representatives of DECODE Foundation every year.

The exhibition is open to be freely visited for a whole week after the opening event during which time the creators occasionally meet the visitors of the exhibition in person. Finally the entire material of the exhibition is going to be uploaded into the digital library of DECODE so they are free to access and provide inspiration to everybody.