Terms of Service

By accessing the www.decode-foundation.hu website, you agree to the following Terms of Service.

The www.decode-foundation.hu website (hereinafter referred to as: website) was created and published by DECODE Kortárs Építészeti és Művészeti Alapítvány (H-1068 Budapest, Felső erdősor 3. III/22., hereinafter referred to as: ‘Foundation’). The website presents the users visiting the website with the activities of the DECODE Kortárs Építészeti és Művészeti Alapítvány established to support domestic and international contemporary architecture and art, to preserve the cultural architectural heritage and to protect the natural and built environment.

1. Accessing the website

Anyone may access the website.

Although we strive to ensure that the website is freely accessible, we are unable to guarantee that it is always available, as the website’s availability may be interrupted for various reasons, including maintenance, updates, or other reasons beyond our control.

2. Intellectual property rights

The www.decode-foundation.hu website and all of its elements (including, but not limited to: logo, trademark, photo, image, text, video, etc.) shall constitute protected intellectual property of the Foundation as a rightholder directly or based on an appropriate consent of the rightholder. The creation of the website required significant investments and efforts from our colleagues, so – unless otherwise expressly stated in this Terms of Service – the website may only be used for personal and private purposes. Users may only read the content presented on the website and its pages and may only make extracts of said content by print, download to data carrier or transferring to a third party for personal, informative, non-commercial purposes. Without prior, written approval from the Foundation, selling or transferring for profit the website or any of its elements, contents is prohibited; it is also prohibited to modify the website or any of its elements, and to make use of its contents, electronically or otherwise, in any other works, publications, websites. Other than the provisions above, the Foundation shall not grant any additional rights pertaining to the usage of the website and its contents.

Unauthorized usage of intellectual property and any other violation of intellectual property rights shall constitute unlawful acts and may result in legal action.

3. Usage of the website

Please not that usage of the website requires you to meet the hardware and software requirements associated with internet use. Please also note that we do not guarantee the security, availability or integrity of data transmissions and as such are not liable for any errors, neglect, erasures, defaults, malfunctions (including computer viruses), communication channels, hardware or software outside the Foundation’s control, nor for the unauthorized usage or violation of content you post on the website.

3.1. General obligations of users

We support values such as tolerance and respect for others, thus users are prohibited from using the website to publish any racist, violent, xenophobic, destructive, vulgar or illegal content.

By using the website, you undertake to abstain from the following:

  • sharing any defamatory, slanderous, infringing, libelous content, content which may violate privacy or other rights, or content which may encourage violence or racial or ethnic hatred;
  • using the website for sharing political or religious propaganda;
  • using the website for illegal activities, including activities in violation of rights pertaining to software, trademarks, photos, images, texts, videos, etc.

3.2. Provisions pertaining to certain elements of the website

The contents of the website are freely available. Upon first accessing the website, you agree to use it in a lawful manner and in accordance with the Terms of Service.

We hereby grant you a free, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the contents of the website; this right is only for personal and private purposes and is not limited by time or location. Without prior, written approval from the Foundation, copying, modifying or sharing the contents of the website or using them for any other purpose is prohibited. Requests for such prior approval are to be sent in advance to the following address: decode@bordstudio.hu.

4. The information available on the website

4.1. General provisions

We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, but we cannot guarantee the technical reliability and accessibility of all information, especially where dependent on factors outside of our control.

Notwithstanding the above, inaccuracies or inadequacies may arise for reasons such as unauthorized interference from third parties. Please report any errors or inadequacies to our e-mail address at decode@bordstudio.hu and we will take the necessary steps to remedy them.

4.2. Information regarding products and services

Pursuant to Sections 6:63 to 6:64 of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code, the presentation of products and services on the website shall not constitute an offer and is meant only to list and describe the services we provide. Cooperation and services may be acquired based on dedicated contracts concluded between the parties, which agreements shall include all necessary details.

4.3. Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks on the website shall redirect you to websites published by others, the contents of which we shall not be liable for. Accordingly, considering that hyperlinks on the website are provided with the purpose of facilitating online browsing, you are free to choose to and are solely responsible for visiting these websites.

5. Modification of the website and amendment of the terms of service

We may modify the contents and information available on the website or amend the Terms of Service in order to comply with current legislation and improve the quality of the website. Any changes shall be incorporated in the Terms of Service.

6. Personal data

The protection of your personal data is of key importance to our Foundation. Your personal data shall be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which you may find HERE.

22 October 2020