We are delighted to see your interest in our trophy design competition. In order to help you apply we are now publishing some of the most asked questions and our answers to them. In case you don't find what you're looking for, you can still submit a question to us to decode@bordstudio.hu e-mail address until 23rd May. Remember that the deadline for registration is also 23rd May and you should send us your entries by 30th May latest. We're excited to receive your ideas!

Are there any restrictions about the material of the trophy design?

No, our only restriction is that the trophy should be fit to be held in hands.


Is there a size limit?

There is no size limit, our only restriction is that the trophy should be fit to be held in hands. This by default should give you an incidation on the trophy’s weight and size.


Can an applicant submit more than one entries?

Absolutely, an applicant can submit as many entries as they want.


I’m 18 years old, about to graduate from highschool in May and hopefully start my university studies in September. Am I allowed to apply?

Unfortunately we cannot accept entries from those still in highschool (even though you are already 18). As per our competition rules: we invite submissions from applicants aged 18-35 with a degree from a Hungarian university or art school (or are still students, intern or scholarship holders in any of these institutions) in architecture or arts.


If my entry would win, does it mean that I would be the one manufacturing the number of needed throphys in the future? Or is it enough to simply describe the manufacturing process and add a price calculation?

If shortlisted, a sample trophy would need to be handed in, alongside a description of the manufacturing process and a price calculation. Any further reproduction of the trophy will be the Foundation’s responsibility.


Should the trophies for the winners of the categories (art, architecture) be identical? Is there a need to design a different trophy for the winner(s) of the special Spotlight Award?

The competition asks for only one trophy design. The winning entry will then be picked up by the Foundation and reproduced so it can be handed out for the winners of the DECODE competition.


Will we receive the DECODE logo vector and is there an official trophy name or inscription to be used?

To add an inscription or a logo to the trophy is the Fouondation’s task, so you can focus on the design alone.